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He Causes To Become (Live)

Metropolitan Museum of Art NY

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Adult The Metropolitan Museum of Art - NY
Senior (65 and over) The Metropolitan Museum of Art - NY
Student (5 - 17 y-old) The Metropolitan Museum of Art - NY

Unveiling Divine Creativity: The ‘Jehovah’s Marvels at the MET’ Tour in New York City



A truly unique tour awaits in the iconic city of New York, offering a fascinating examination of Jehovah’s ability to change infinite things for His divine purpose to Built after the MET, and this tour promises to be an awe-inspiring experience where you can see more than twenty amazing treasures of which the greatness of our God acts as a testimony.

The tour is carefully planned with qualified guides who will take you through the MET, shedding light on things related to biblical themes. You will embark on an educational journey through biblical history, prophecy, and biblical archaeology. You also gain insight into historical figures who played key roles in the Bible. The tour will be accompanied by high quality displays of biblical characters, places, and historical figures, enhancing your experience. As you explore this incredible exhibit, you can expect an interactive and enjoyable tour, where your guide will engage you with thought-provoking questions that will build your understanding and appreciation of the history and the spiritual meaning of the Bible. This tour is a testament to the eternal relevance of the Bible and the creativity of our great God, and a unique experience not to be missed in the heart of New York City.