It appears that the COVID-19 guidelines and precautions will continue to be in place for some time. Many organizations throughout the world are using technology to connect people for various purposes including virtual museums tours.

Museum Bible Tours is pleased to let you know that we are investigating the possibility of arranging and conducting “Virtual” Bible tours! Please continue to check our website for more details on this possible new development!

Museum Bible Tours is closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation in connection with our tour arrangements and such arrangements will remain suspended until further notice. We hope to resume our tours very soon but we will patiently wait on direction from the government and museum authorities when we can do so again.

MBT will be contacting all of those—by telephone—who had reservations (didn’t receive a tour, pending tour, etc.) with us and go over what we can do as far as rescheduling your tours.

Please keep in mind that MBT will be ready to give one of the very best tour experience to our visitors once we resume our museum tour arrangements. Please enjoy a short video that highlights our wonderful and faith-strengthening Bible tours!

More information / Rescheduling and cancellation policy

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