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The information presented in our Biblical News Items and Video Archives sections make for interesting and informative reading and viewing. Before any of the news items and video programs are put on our website they are carefully checked for content.

However, please bear in mind that much of the information presented is from secular and other sources and should not be viewed as absolutely reliable nor are we recommending or supporting them as such.*

Secular history and archaeological finds that support the authenticity of the Bible are abundant, however, lovers of God’s Word do not rely on such things for confirmation of our faith in the Bible’s accuracy and truthfulness. Jehovah the author of the Bible has revealed Scriptural truth through his faithful organization (

Opinions expressed in articles, news items and video programs are not necessarily those of  MBT.  Therefore, MBT does not encourage nor suggest that anyone becomes involved in online debates or blog discussions.

55. A Trio of Biblical Prisms

These artifacts depict the conquests—and almost conquests—of Assyrian King Sennacherib over the nation of Judah.

55. A Trio of Biblical Prisms

Two bullae shine a light on the accuracy of the biblical account.

60. Ancient Greek Pottery


61. Nathan-Melech: Found!

Rare First Temple period seal impression provides first proof of one of King Josiah’s aides.

62. Childbirth: Evolution, the Bible and Archaeology

The ‘most natural thing in the world’—and for scientists, a real dilemma

63. The Animals of the Bible

The unusual species that once roamed ancient Israel

64. Inscriptions: The Biblical Figures That Nearly Were

Artifacts that all but identify biblical personalities

65. The Oldest Writing in Jerusalem

Two of the oldest pieces of writing found in Jerusalem leave their mark on the archaeological and biblical worlds.

66. ‘And the Sun Stood Still’

Was the miracle of Joshua’s long day just an eclipse?

67. Berlin Pedestal—Earliest Mention of ‘Israel’?

What a mysterious gray Egyptian artifact in a German museum has to say about Israel’s(?) early history

69. Nehemiah: A Man and a Momentous Wall

A look at the meeting point of archaeology and the Bible during the time of Judah’s powerful governor.

70. Uncovering the Bible’s Buried Civilizations: The Persians

Lessons Iran’s ayatollahs could learn from their ancestors

72. Language: A ‘Cultural Universal’ in Archaeology and the Bible

Just how accurate is the biblical depiction of the development of language?

73. Uncovering the Bible’s Buried Cities: Jericho

How archaeological discoveries from the first city conquered in the Promised Land correspond with biblical history.

74. Archaeologists find evidence of Babylonian conquest of Jerusalem -- as told in the Bible

Archaeologists excavating on Mount Zion in Jerusalem have uncovered evidence of the Babylonian conquest of the city, appearing to confirm a Biblical account of its destruction.

75. Moabite Altar Inscription: Earliest Reference to ‘Hebrews’?

A recently deciphered inscription adds color to the biblical account.

76. Jerusalem’s Temples: The Archaeological Evidence

Is there really no proof of the first and second temples?

77. King David’s Palace: Earthshaking Proof of Israel’s Warrior King

As monumental of a find as the palace is, the way it was found is perhaps even more remarkable.

78. DISCOVERED: Nehemiah’s Wall

Archaeology proves the famous biblical account of a desperate attempt to fortify the Holy City.

79. The Rabshakeh Stela

He’s known in 2 Kings 18 as Sennacherib’s right-hand man—the evil opponent of King Hezekiah, taunting the walled-up Jews with blasphemy and obscenity. But contrary to common belief, Rabshakeh was not his name. The “rabshakeh” was actually one of the highest positions in the Assyrian and Babylonian royal courts, perhaps most known from this biblical account of the Assyrian invasion of Judah. Archaeology has confirmed the use of this royal title—albeit, belonging to another man.

81. Archaeology Reveals Jerusalem’s Origins

What artifacts show us about the city—before it became the capital of Israel

82. Baruch, Jeremiah’s Scribe: Proved?

A reanalysis of two bullae calls into question the dismissal that they are forgeries.

84. Uncovering the Truth

The world of archaeological reporting is full of ‘fake news.’ Here’s how to sort the truth from the fiction.

86. Piecing Together the Dead Sea Scrolls with DNA Evidence

DNA “fingerprints” lifted from the animal skins on which the texts were written could help piece the scrolls together to understand their meaning

88. 120 Seals Discovered in Excavation of Hezekiah and Manasseh ‘Administration Center’

A treasure trove of seals and small finds, unearthed within an impressive administrative storage center, discovered not far from Jerusalem’s new U.S. Embassy

89. Stamped Into History: The Seals of the Prophet Jeremiah

An account of the prophet’s life—told by the tiniest artifacts.

90. Ornate First Temple Period Building Discovered at Jerusalem Promenade

A new discovery of several dozen beautifully carved architectural elements, from a palatial building belonging to the kings of Judah.

91. Forensic Analysis Reveals Widespread Literacy in Ancient Judah

Scholars were surprised at the discovery. Here’s why they shouldn’t have been.

92. Do You Understand English? Then You Can Read Ancient Hebrew

Here’s how the ancient alphabet of the Israelites has come to be used by nearly 70 percent of the world’s population.

93. The Universe

The Universe is practically everything. From space, time, and their contents, which include planets, stars, galaxies, to all other forms of matter, and energy. Everything is part of the universe, and the universe is part of everything.

94. Assyrian Siege Ramp Uncovered at Tel Azekah

Archaeologists have found King Sennacherib’s 2,700-year-old siege ramp—built from a Canaanite city wall 1,000 years older

95. The Three ‘David’ Inscriptions

Chances are you’ve heard of the famous one from Tel Dan—here are two more.

96. Jonah’s Remarkably Accurate Account of Assyria

Gratuitous torture, dimensions, animals, plants and period-specific impotence—a remarkably accurate depiction of the infamous ‘bloody city’ in the book of Jonah

97. Can We Trust the Book of Daniel?

Was the book of Daniel written before or after the incredible events it claims to have prophesied?

98. The Annals of Sargon: Evidence of Bible Error—or Insight?

A puzzling series of apparently contradicting accounts describe Israel’s fall. But what if there is more to 2 Kings 18:9-11 than meets the eye?

99. The Monumental Four-Way Staircase of Herod the Great

Dr. Eilat Mazar completes an archaeological journey spanning almost two centuries.

100. Top Ten Discoveries in Biblical Archaeology Relating to the New Testament

“This is part two of my series on the top ten discoveries in biblical archaeology. “

101. Top Ten Discoveries in Biblical Archaeology Relating to the Old Testament

“This is part one of my series on the top ten discoveries in biblical archaeology. “

102. Top Ten Discoveries Related to Jesus

The historicity of Jesus of Nazareth is well-attested; in addition to the reliable gospel accounts in Scripture, numerous secular authors within 150 years of his life mention him.

103. Discovered: Earliest Alphabetic Script in Israel

Brand-new discovery of a ‘missing link’ in the alphabet, predating the next-earliest Levantine alphabetic script by centuries

104. INFOGRAPHIC: The Strata of Jerusalem’s History

A handful of discoveries demonstrating Jerusalem’s storied, stratified history

107. Gideon the Judge—Found in Southern Israel?

Scientists have discovered an inscription bearing the name of a biblical judge.

108. New Study Reveals How Legendary Assyrian Siege Ramp Overcame Lachish

Israeli archaeologists have revealed the secrets behind the Assyrian siege ramp that conquered the ancient Judean town of Lachish.

111. Ancient Hebrew ‘Curse Tablet’ Discovered at Joshua’s Altar on Mt. Ebal

The tablet remarkably parallels the account in Deuteronomy 11, 27 and Joshua 8, which record the establishment of an altar on this site at the time of the Israelite conquest of Canaan and the declaration of “curses” from it. Not only that, the inscription is by far the earliest to use the Hebrew name of the God of Israel, yhw (predating the next-earliest inscription by centuries). In the words of Prof. Gershon Galil, the discovery represents “absolutely the most important inscription ever found in Israel.”

113. Think You Know Your Biblical Figures? The Hebrew Pronunciation of Their Names Might Surprise You

Shlomo, Rivkah, Shimshon—the English language has done a real number on the names of these famous biblical characters (and many more).

114. New Study of Roman Ballista Stones Confirms Josephus’s Account of the Siege of Jerusalem

Archaeological discoveries reveal the eyewitness account—surprise, surprise—to be spot-on. (And as an aside: Does the Bible reveal the origin of such machines?)

117. The Birth and Death of Biblical Minimalism

“Biblical minimalism” as it is known, has gone through a number of permutations in the recent past. Its modern career began about 30 years ago, when bar was still a youngster. Since then it has been part of the ongoing debate regarding the extent to which historical data are embedded in the Hebrew Bible.

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