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Courageous Guardians of the Sword (Live)

Museum of the Bible

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Adult (18+)
Youth (5 - 17 years old)
Child (0-4 years old)

Seek A Captivating Journey Through History and Faith at Museum of the Bible in Washington, DC


Bible Museum from the U.S. just three blocks from the capital it is eight stories high, and covers 430,000 square feet Within its walls, numerous exhibits explore the history of the Bible, its timeless and profound story impact on humanity Visitors have a treasure trove of countless objects and specimens, providing a tangible connection to the historical accuracy of the Bible.

Exploring this vast museum is no small task; It is estimated that nine full 8-hour visits would be required to fully engage one’s offerings. Among the many special tours available, the “Brave Guardians of the Sword” tour stands out. This tour highlights the biblical story of miracles and the preservation of the divine name, all while offering an exciting ride that shows the D.C. area. for whom the influence of the Bible is clear. It is a unique opportunity to reveal the remarkable stories of those who risked their lives for unwavering faith in God’s Word that survived all hardships. The tour formally endorses these individuals as heroic defenders of the sword, and their stories are written on the fabric of history.