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Museum Bible ToursVolume 03, Issue 12
Museum Bible Tours

Coming Soon to a Screen Near You:
Virtual Bible Tours!

Museum Bible Tours is very excited to announce that arrangements are being made to conduct Virtual Bible Tours! These virtual Bible tours will begin on May 1, 2020! Here are some of the details:

How Will MBT Virtual Bible Tours Work?

  • MBT will use Google Arts & Culture, which is an online platform through which we will access high-resolution images of artworks and content from many leading museums and archives!
  • MBT tour guides will connect with those who have signed up for the virtual Bible tours using the remote videoconferencing system Zoom! Through Zoom the tour guides will use the "walk-through" feature of Google's Street View technology to show and provide commentary on specific art pieces related to the Bible in the museums they will be “conducting” tours.
  • The tour guides will use photos, Watchtower artwork and videos to enhance the virtual Bible tour experiences.
  • The tours will also be interactive whereby the guests will be able to ask questions of the tour guides and vice versa!
  • Very soon you will be able to make your reservations and find out more about our virtual tour arrangements on the MBT Website.

Where Will These Virtual Bible Tours Be Conducted?

    To help cover the expense of producing and providing these virtual Bible tours (whis will be given free of cost), guests will be able to make a contribution.
  • Starting out, MBT will conduct virtual Bible tours in museums in Isreal, Vatican City and Venice, Italy.
  • In time, more virtual Bible tours will become available in museums in the United States, Europe, Middle East, Asia as well as other locations in the world.

Additionally, we will offer these virtual Bible tours from now on. In other words, even after we resume our “live” Bible tours the virtual Bible tours will continue to be available!

Please regularly check our website for more details regarding specific museum locations, how to sign up for the virtual Bible tours, etc.

We look forward to seeing you all very soon on one of our virtual Bible tours!

Add May 1st to your calendar!

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