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We all treasure being able to understand the most valuable book ever produced, the Bible. Appreciating this fact, we offer a Bible tour at a variety of museums across the globe. Our tours spotlight the wonderful artifacts on display that help bring the Holy Scriptures to life! Moreover, our tours highlight that the Bible is authentic and a book of accurate history and reliable prophecy!

Much painstaking research and countless hours have gone into preparing our Bible Tours. The Bible serves as the primary source of information and instruction. In addition, Bible study aids prepared by Jehovah's Witnesses were carefully checked along with other reliable secular sources to ensure that all statements made on the tour are in harmony with our latest understanding of Scriptural truth.

Our tour guides are carefully selected and thoroughly instructed and trained to give these tours! Most of the guides serve as elders and ministerial servants in their respective congregations and a number of them have been serving in the full-time service for many years. With all of this preparation, you will no doubt enjoy this spiritually upbuilding journey through the pages of the Bible! Join us and reserve your tour today!

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Welcome to MBT!  A subsidiary of Bethel Coach Tours.  We are very excited to offer a website that enables those interested in taking guided museum Bible tours to reserve such tours online. Bible tours are now available in a number of museums in cities in the US, Europe and Israel.

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Museum Bible Tours and Bible Lands Tours

The principle brothers overseeing MBT have years of experience organizing  tours in the Bible Lands with Bethel Coach Tours.  Many of the significant cities, artifacts and museums seen on the tours of Israel, Turkey and Greece are related to the Holy Scriptures.  Additionally, these brothers have actually visited the Bible Lands, so it is their privilege to share their acquired knowledge and first-hand experience of these lands with those they take on tour.  Furthermore, these brothers are the principal tour guides at many of the museums used by MBT around the world.

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Highlights of the Bible Lands Tours of Israel

One of the many locations the tour group will visit is the world-renown Israel Museum in Jerusalem.  Founded in 1965 as Israel’s national museum, it features many objects of archaeology, fine arts, Jewish arts as well as the Second Temple Model, the Shrine of the Book with its Dead Sea Scrolls and ancient Bible manuscripts.  The tour group will see many objects and exhibits […]

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