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Exploring Faith with Jehovah's Witnesses Tours Across the US

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This tour will answer the following questions: What is prophecy? How had Jehovah God proven superior to the gods of the ancient nations through prophecy? What prophecies were fulfilled in connection with the patriarch Abraham? How was Jesus involved in Bible prophecy? What significant prophecies have been fulfilled throughout Bible history? What prophecy of Jehovah was the most significant of them all?

Explore a world of knowledge and spirituality like never before by immersing yourself in the realm of podcasts and original Virtual Bible Tours.


The Museum Bible Tours podcast is all about how the bible relates to various artifacts that have been discovered.


MBT has dozens of original Virtual Bible Tours to choose from!

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Bethel Coach Tours: Bridging Hearts and Minds Through Transformative Journeys

In 1988, Bethel Coach Tours (BCT) embarked on a visionary mission to provide enriching travel experiences for Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide. Beginning with organizing trips to the Bethel facilities in New York State, including the global headquarters in New York City, BCT quickly became a beacon of opportunity for fellow brothers and sisters seeking spiritual pilgrimage. Over the years, their endeavors expanded, culminating in the establishment of Museum Bible Tours in 2016, a testament to their commitment to combining travel, education, and cultural exploration. This is the story of BCT’s evolution from a local travel company to a global facilitator of transformative journeys, bridging hearts and minds across continents.

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Reviews From Our Guests!
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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Very Well!

A truly excellent zoom tour. Having been to the Hermitage in the 70s we were very much looking forward to returning with the focus of proving the King of the North and we were not disappointed

– Tripadvisor, ARP_ARJP
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Loved It!

Loved our tour of Revelation congregations part 1, really looking forward to part 2! Riveting material, informative and friendly guide and lovely to see friends from other places. Highly recommend.

– Tripadvisor, Retiredandlovinit68
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Faith Strengthening!

Faith strengthening weaving accounts of the Bible to prove Jehovah has been, is & will be with his faithful obedient servants.

– Tripadvisor, Mary N.
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This is the best idea! The information is incredible and To view it safest at home is a treasure! Thank you for this program!?

– Tripadvisor, Tammy G.
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I Truly Enjoyed It.

We really enjoyed the creation tour. It really drew me closer to my Heavenly Father Jehovah. I enjoyed the explanation and how the Bible interprets itself.

– Tripadvisor, Every S.
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What an awesome visual tour . Our instructor was so knowledgeable and it was so interesting. Learned a lot in 90 min will need to watch again!

– Tripadvisor, Foodiemuch15