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Volume 5, Issue 1

We are pleased to let you know that Museum Bible Tours recently redesigned its website! 

One of the main reasons for this redesign is that our previous website offered live tours in museums throughout the world and then COVID-19 hit.

MBT quickly pivoted and started offering virtual tours on our website and we retained everything related to our live tours without accepting bookings due to museum closures.  Most museums are still closed so we thought it prudent to just offer virtual tours, thus the website redesign.  You will notice that the website is now titled Virtual Bible Tours or VBT. Once it is completely safe to return to the museums, we will resume our live tours and adjust our website accordingly.  

Our redesigned website makes it easier and simpler to book any of our nearly 30 virtual Bible tours. Further, we are offering tours in time zones at more convenient hours in other parts of the world outside the United States. In addition, we are offering tours in more languages including Portuguese, Chinese, and Russian as well as others.  

Additionally, we recently started using the software company Fareharbor to handle our booking process with outstanding results in terms of customer satisfaction. Plus, making adjustments to bookings is now easier than ever - especially when you find it necessary to change the date of your tour due to your circumstances.  

Please visit our improved website and book with us!  We hope to see you very soon!

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