Washington, DC

This is a must do tour

This is a must do tour for all of Jehovah’s people, I’m so glad we got to experience it!! Thank you!!

Is there parking at the museum?

There is no set parking structure. It is situated right above a subway stop, so really, one could park anywhere in the city and get their easily.

Engaging, accurate and educational

The Hebrew Scripture section was engaging, accurate and educational. Loved it! Also loved the life in Israel portion with actors in costume and the videos of historical defenders of the Bible, I.e., Jerome, Wycliffe, Luther, etc.

Jehovah showed his love for Mankind through his word the Bible

The tour strengthened my faith in Jehovah, because I feel that he protected his word so that we can get the pure meaning of his commands and he mapped out a way for us to be saved. He really showed his love for Mankind through his word the Bible.

It made me appreciate the Bible even more

The tour was amazing! It made me appreciate the Bible even more and also highlighted how much effort truly went into safeguarding the truth. The History of the Bible presentation really made me feel like I was an Israelite in ancient times. It was a great, interactive presentation.

Read, Meditate and Apply

The tour made me appreciate the bible and how important it is to read , meditate and apply what is in the bible.

This tour Enhanced my faith in the Bible’s reliability

This tour Enhanced my faith in the Bible’s reliability. I personally enjoyed seeing the life Moses could have enjoyed, a life of pleasure, luxury and ease but he rather chose to be mistreated with God’s people because he knew our life depends on Jehovah’s approval. Another section of the tour […]

Seeing – in many cases – is believing

Seeing artifacts that dated so many years ago which contained Jehovah’s name reinforced the fact that He always made His name known. This strengthened my faith, as seeing – in many cases – is believing.

The tour was so fun and engaging

[Our Tour Guide] really made us think; it was so fun and engaging; it was very educational. I know I wont forget some of the things I learned.

A review of the Museum of the Bible

I really love the fact that the museum has an interactive part. When we first went into the area about the Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament) I thought we would just watch a movie; I had no idea that it was interactive. All of the animation and the sets were beautiful […]

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