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The information gained from the tours adds more meaning to the scriptures

The tours give you more insight. For instance, seeing the Roman Citizenship display made it more evident how important it was to individuals because of the privileges they enjoyed. When Paul reminded the Roman Christians that their heavenly citizenship was of more value it brought my mind back to the […]

Real professionalism and interest

I liked how both tour guides researched answers to my questions and actually answered me the same day. That showed real professionalism and interest in me personally. Both guides were well dressed and easily identifiable in their yellow lanyards. Very pleasant people. It’s always a pleasure to meet god’s people! […]

Our entire group left with our faith strengthened

Our entire group left with our faith strengthened. We left with an intense desire to be able to open up the Scriptures and read them Now with different eyes. The tour allowed for the scriptures to take on new meaning for us all.

Deepened my appreciation for study and research

Great tour! The information that was shared deepened my appreciation for study and research. I learned so much and the artifacts or items that were highlighted was intriguing. And it was only 2 hours, which made it easy for my mom. I will do this tour again. I loved it.

It captured the essence of true Bible realities

The tour was encouraging as it captured the essence of true Bible realities and motivates you to stay on track spiritually. It will help you to dig further into the scriptures and do additional research. The tour helps you to appreciate more of what is written in the Bible, especially […]

The tour is perfectly timed

This tour affirms faith in the true god and what we’ve learned thus far about Jehovah. It also helps all to appreciate how Satan has worked over the years to confuse people and dissuade them from serving the true god Jehovah. The tour is perfectly timed – not too long […]

An Excellent Tour

We want to thank you from the National City congregation for giving an excellent tour. We really appreciate all your hard work and dedication for your motivating tour. Thank you again and may Jehovah keep blessing our loving organization.

The God of Truth

It helped me to appreciate the difference between serving Jehovah, our God of truth, to being in the world and serving false gods of the demons. Jehovah’s truth and our way of life is so elevated compared to the morally corrupted world around us. The things of the world Satan […]

Made me love the true God Jehovah even more!

It gave me a better appreciation for bible history & making the Bible come to life by seeing the different artifacts & lifestyles of Ancient Rome & Greece. Seeing all the deities that were worshipped in the past makes me love the true God Jehovah even more!

The art clearly supported the details explained in the scriptures

There were a few works of art that we viewed that displayed details specifically relating to scripture. I was impressed to see such art (noteworthy in its time) that clearly supported the details explained in the scriptures we read and discussed.

They are an example for us

We learned how our fellow brothers lived under great influence to worship other gods, but as we know, they maintained their loyalty to the True God Jehovah and they are an example for us.

We never need to worry what the future holds

On the tour were reminded how Koine Greek (through Alexander the Great) made way for the God’s word to be translated into a common language, and the roads and Pax Romana (through the Roman Empire) made it possible for the first century christians to safely spread the Kingdom message. These […]

It brought it to life in a more powerful way

The tour really helped us transport to those Biblical times and see and understand the way of thinking of Paul during many of his books. It brought it to life in a more powerful way seeing it in person, having in front of us an artifact that they had. The […]

Would definitely recommend this tour

“Loved the tour! Helped me appreciate Jehovah as the TRUE God of prophecy; superior over the many ancient and ineffective false gods of the past. Tim’s presentation was interesting, factual and motivating. Excellent how he encouraged participation by the young ones in our group! Would definitely recommend this tour for […]

We were able to put ourselves in their place

It helped us to understand that the challenges faced by our first century brothers were very similar to ours. We were able to put ourselves in their place. The tour also helped us to get a deeper insight into the book of Acts as well as other books in the […]

The true fulfillment of Jehovah Gods prophecy

“It was the first time that I had a Bible tour and it was truly amazing to see the true fulfillment of Jehovah God’s prophecies.  And I really admire the way Brother Tim Martin explained in detail each artifact. We thank Jehovah for the hard work for our brothers and […]

The tour was encouraging and upbuilding

The tour was very upbuilding and family members that were with me and had never done a bible tour before. They expressed how the tour was encouraging and upbuilding to them. They were looking forward to the following day’s tour that we scheduled at the LACMA which was the Run […]

See first hand Bible prophecy fulfilled

“Imagine fast forwarding in time to paradise on earth and spending an hour and a half feasting your eyes on the reality come true of Bible prophecy. Though we cannot move forward in time, these Bible tours allow you to fast forward back in time to see first hand Bible […]

Really makes an impression

The tour really made you think and realize how things are connected through thousands of years and still apply to the times we are living in. Visible proof using the scriptures and the art work really makes an impression.

My desire to pursue spiritual goals was fueled

[Our Tour Guide] provided visuals and insight on the challengs in Bible times. [Our Tour Guide] revealed man’s bias and emphasized the truth comes only from Jehovah. My desire to pursue spiritual goals was fueled.

It was fantastic!

We really enjoyed our tour. It was fantastic! We learned so much and look forward to returning visits with friends. Faith strengthening and encouraging [for] all our friends to attend as well!

History proves Jehovah is the only true God

[The tour] really showed just how many false gods existed that I was even unaware of. It just goes to show how Jehovah the only true God is never changing unlike so many false gods then and now. I’m glad my children had this experience so that they can see […]

He was awesome with the kids

[Our tour guide] was amazing and understanding and patient with our group. We had a few young families and he was awesome with the kids!

He built up our faith

It was nice to see outsiders from the tour occasionally stepping in and commenting to questions asked. Made us want to get more involved. Jonathan was exceptionally good at this. He built up our faith in the need to show endurance.

Encouraged to do more research

These tours always encourage me to go home and do more research on the scriptures and to keep working on becoming a better student of Gods word.

A spiritual boost that everyone could use

The Run With Endurance tour is a spiritual boost that everyone could use. It helps build up your faith in Jehovah. It also helps you to really appreciate all that is written in the Bible and stirs up the spiritual hunger to do more research on what we read. I […]

A review of our Tour Guide

[Our Tour Guide] was patient, started on time, did not rush, was very detailed, engaged the friends to read scriptures and answer questions.

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