We’re privileged to have our own Bibles

The tour opened our eyes to see how important and privileged we are to have our own bibles today without worrying about any persecution to own one. The tour also showed us what many people suffered through to get the Bible translated to the common language of their day.

To see Jehovah’s name on an artifact

We learned about what our brothers had to endure in the past and how times were difficult back then. It was great to see Jehovah’s name on an artifact.

These tours really help me connect the dots

Amazing tie in of what the Greeks in the 1st century believed, helped me to understand the climate of the 1st century Christians. Also the way Jehovah has used time through the ages to accomplish his will shortly. My 15yr old bible student was holding steady attention!! Nephilum influence on […]

The tour encouraged me to dig deeper into the Bible

The tour encouraged me to dig deeper into the Bible; looking up the references from the faithful and discreet slave after reading an account. I appreciated the background information on the Greeks and Romans & how their culture influenced people and how it impacted Christians and their faith. I appreciated […]

My kids enjoyed the tour

I loved the tour and was happy that although my kids were tired they paid attention, enjoyed it and learned something. I was also grateful that our guide helped them to participate.

Everyone felt ​that​ their faith was strengthened

Everyone in the group which we had about 26, felt ​that​ their faith was strengthened. It was enlightening to get the background information on the Scriptures which ​made ​them ​have more meaning to each and every one of us​. ​


It was great! The words I keep hearing are enthralling, both tour guides were personable, tours just the right amount of time, wonderful!

Encouraged by Jehovah

I feel that I’ve been encouraged by Jehovah to keep on enduring to the end.

Amazed at the many connections to characters and events in the Bible

I have never been interested in art, especially paintings. This tour focused, not only on the many sculptures, but also on many paintings that I thought had no ties to Bible history. We were amazed at the many connections to characters and events in the Bible. Thank you!

Why MBT charges a small fee in addition to what the museum charges

MBT charges a small fee in addition to what the museum charges (including free museums.) Why is this? MBT operates as a non-profit organization that provides Bible-based guided tours in world-class museums throughout the world. Additionally, MBT is operated by Jehovah’s Witnesses for the benefit of all persons interested in […]

How Can MBT Help You Promote Bible Tours?

Do you already conduct a Museum Bible tour(s)? Do you live in a city that has a museum that is known to have artifacts related to the Bible, Bible History or Biblical Archeology and you would like to develop and conduct a tour in said museum? Here are the 3 […]

How Do I Make a Reservation for a Tour

Please follow these simple instruction to make a tour at the museum of your choice: 1 ) From the Home page (a) select ‘Tour Location then select the city of the museum you would like to tour then (b) select ‘Our Tours’ and select the name of the tour you […]

What are valid reasons to call the MBT office?

If you need a quick and sure reply to your questions or concerns, you can email us anytime! Calling us is honestly the slower route to satisfying your needs in a satisfactory manner. However, please take into account the following reasons why you might call the MBT office. Rest assured, whether […]

When do I receive the tickets for the tour?

You will receive your admission tickets on the day of your scheduled tour.  In the Final Tour Instructions document that you will receive about a week before your scheduled tour, you will be directed to come to the museum about a half hour before the tour begins.  It is at […]

If I need to cancel my tour reservation, what can I do?

We recommend that you transfer your reservation to another date when you can come for the tour. Please send an email to the MBT Office explaining your situation and the office will do its best to accommodate your request. Please include the following information: Your full name and the date […]

How big are the tour groups?

Generally, a tour group is limited to 20 persons per time slot. This facilitates moving through the museum in an orderly fashion, but also ensures that all can hear/see the artifacts and descriptions while on the tour.

When can I make a payment?

After you have created an account and selected the dates of your tour, you will be given a page which list the You can pay as soon as you select your tour, typically from the drop-down menu of the tour you’re interested in. Creating an account with the website is […]

Can I audio or video record items in the museum?

Yes. However, audio and video recording of the commentary by the tour guide is not permitted due to copyright rules. Your guide will explain more about this just before your tour.

Can I take photographs?

Yes.  The taking of photographs is permitted, however please bear in mind the following stipulations: The flash fuction on your camera must remain off at all times.  This is a rule established by the museum. Pictures taken by you may be shared on a private basis, such as with friends […]

Can I take personal notes?

Yes.  This is recommended so you can do later research and for personal encouragement.  If you decide to take notes please bring along a notebook and pen/pencil.

How should I dress?

We would encourage all to dress in smart/dignified casual attire.  Please wear comfortable shoes as there will be a lot of walking.

How do I pay for the tour?

All payments are processed by PayPal. Generally, our tours do not have a limit as to how many can book a specific day and time.

How much does the tour cost?

Please lookup the particular museum’s FAQ you are interested in touring to see what the cost is.

Can I organize a group on my own to take the tour?

Yes. You can have as many persons as you like in your group. Just register your group using the online reservation page. If you have less than 20 persons in your group our Museum Bible Tours office staff will make sure you are joined with others who are taking the […]

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