Museum Bible Tours Washington, DC

About Us

The Museum of the Bible offers a tour presentation that uses state-of-the-art technology!  This makes for a tour experience like no other in the world. In fact, MOTB  has set a new standard in terms of how artifacts, books, manuscripts, scrolls and replicas are presented to those visiting a museum.

Indeed, while all of that is very exciting, Museum Bible Tours also understands the value of using qualified tour guides to present Bible-based information.  Yes, there is simply no beating the human interaction that a guided tour brings to the tour experience!

Thus, in the fall of 2017 our MBT staff worked closely with the MOTB staff to create a guided Bible tour at the Museum of the Bible!

Therefore, the tour MBT is offering will include a guided tour by a qualified and trained MBT tour guide as well a visit on your own to many of the museum sections that feature cutting edge technology presentations, thus giving you the very best tour experience you could possibly have!

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