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Written 1 year ago by: Kaitlin Conner, Marinko Hojski

The universe can be described as Jehovah’s private museum. Humans can only try to imitate Jehovah’s creation so why not study the grand creator!

The Great Creator takes you on a tour of our night sky from the things seen to the things unseen. Modern technology has progressed to the point we can view places where light has to travel millions of years just to reach us! Using animations, videos and images we will see why Jehovah bears such a lofty title as “Grand Creator” (Ecclesiastes 12:1).

In this post, we are going to learn just a slice of what this tour has to offer and what others have to say about it.

Interesting Universe Facts

Reviews from Guests

“…a faith-strengthening and beautiful tour! Creation will always amaze us.”

“It was very informative I loved the cross-section between history, faith, and humankind.  Also loved the graphics and the wonderful photos!  I’d have my nose pressed to the screen if I got any closer.”

To see Jehovah’s awe-inspiring power through an examination of the universe was thrilling! It really puts you in your place but at the same time emphasizes Jehovah’s great love for mankind”

“I’m going to buy a telescope to give a little more attention to the stars and the universe.”

Book the Grand Creator today and experience this for yourself!

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