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Written 1 year ago by: Kaitlin Conner

Are you in need of a vacation? Have you always wanted to be able to visit the areas Bible accounts took place? We have the solution for you. No need to buy a plane ticket, when you can visit Israel virtually! In this blog we will highlight three tours that will quench your thirst for travel as well as knowing more about Israel.

Why Visit Israel Virtually?

  • It is safer during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Will give you an education on the country and important Biblical archeological sites
  • Allows you to visualize Bible accounts

Now that you want to visit Israel virtually, start with these three tours!

In the Footsteps of Jesus

What happened on the final night of Jesus’ earthly life? Visit some of the major archaeological sites in Jerusalem and see how they match Bible history. Some of these discoveries shed light upon some of the important events in Jesus’ life.

Highlights include

  • 3D models
  • Maps
  • Virtual walkthrough

Book In the Footsteps of Jesus

The City of David

What have archaeologists – digging in Jerusalem’s ancient City of David – discovered? What archaeological discoveries were made at Gihon, and what connection may these have with the Bible record? Did King Hezekiah really build a tunnel into Jerusalem? What does the Bible tell of Jerusalem’s destruction in 607 B.C.E.? Why are Bible students interested in the location of the Pool of Siloam?

Book City of David

Choose for Yourselves Whom You will Serve

Consider the choices before the Israelites. What gods were introduced to them during their early history? What factors would influence their decisions? On this tour, we get a glimpse into history. A snapshot of events that took place long ago. You will see how these events affect us today and how Satan uses the same methods to attract us to false worship through the Israel Museum.

Book Choose for Yourselves Whom You Will Serve

We look forward to seeing you on each of these tours. Where else in the world would you like to virtually travel? Leave us a comment down below.

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