Virtual Tour FAQs

▨ The tours are done live – not pre-recorded*. This allows our guests to have real-time interaction with the Tour Guide and to even ask questions at given moments on the tour. As they are live, you’ll have a more enjoyable experience viewing the tour from a device that will allow you to interact (chat, voice, and/or video camera).

*Tours are NOT broadcast live from the museum or location mentioned.

Zoom is the platform that is used for these virtual tours. This application is free and available on many different devices. However, the best possible experience will be had on a laptop, desktop computer, or tablet with ample viewing room. You can watch from a TV, but that would prevent you from interacting as the tours are live (unless you connect a camera, of course).

▨ Our reservation system is designed to control the number of reservations that can be made. Up to 95 devices may be connected for a single tour. Up to 8 persons may view via your device, permitted local COVID-19 regulations to allow it.

▨ After you reserve your tour, you will get an email from the website as a confirmation (if you do not see this, please check your spam or junk folder). You will not receive anything thereafter until a day or so before the tour date.

▨ When you get the email with your Zoom meeting link, you will need to click on the provided link to open the tour in Zoom. While it’s true that it is possible to have more devices connected at a time, a single tour guide will only be able to give meaningful attention to 95.

▨ It is suggested that you join the Zoom meeting 10 or more minutes before it is scheduled to start. This ensures that there are no connection problems, that your name is properly displayed, and that any other additional technical issues are resolved before the tour.

  • Your Bible (optional)
  • Note-taking materials (optional)

▨ Recording the tour is prohibited.

▨ If you want a private tour or a group tour using several devices please contact us! We’ll be happy to set up a tour time just for you.

▨ Moving standing reservations from one tour to another is NOT permitted. That is to say, from “The Wheat and the Weeds” to “Your Word Is Truth”. If your circumstances require that you move your reservation to another date for the same tour, MBT will be happy to help.

▨ No one likes missing a tour and neither does VMBT like it when that happens. Therefore it’s our policy that you can reschedule but please do so ASAP after missing the tour.

▨ Virtual tours purchased are non-refundable. You can, however, reschedule for the same tour if your circumstances require you to do so.

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