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"Put Up a Hard Fight for the Faith"

Museum: Pula, Croatia Museums (3)

This tour will answer the following questions: In what kind of world did the early Christians live? What does history tell us about the arena and the events occurring there? Who were the gladiators? Why was it inappropriate for Christians to frequent Roman theaters and amphitheaters? How does the Bible […]

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Notes: It is recommended so that you may enjoy the tour fully to bring your own camera and note-taking materials. Group size is limited. Experiences are meant to be social, so other travelers can join the same tour.

Croatia is a land of many wonders - layers upon layers of history, extraordinary natural beauty and hundreds of breathtaking attractions. The Bible records the first Christians' journeys to "Dalmatia" and "Illyricum" a part of present-day Croatia (2. Timothy 4:10; Romans 15:19).

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