Courageous Guardians of the Sword

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The Museum of the Bible stands only three blocks from the U.S. Capital is comprised of eight floors, encompassing 430,000 square feet. The Museum’s numerous exhibits relate to the Bible’s history, stories, and impact on mankind. There are countless artifacts and facsimiles, enabling the visitor to “see” the accuracy of the Bible record.

It’s estimated that it would take nine 8-hour days to see everything in the museum. The Courageous Guardians of the Sword tour focuses on the Bible’s miraculous story of preservation and of the enduring presence of the Divine Name of God. It includes an exciting ride attraction showing many of the locations in D.C. where the Bible is referenced. Join us and discover how despite all odds, many risked their lives because of their belief in the Word of God as this tour champions these warriors as courageous guardians of the sword!

Required/Suggested by the Museum:

  • Masks are no longer required to be worn inside the museum.

Suggested by Museum Bible Tours:

  • A mask is suggested to be worn during the tour.

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