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Antwerp, Belgium: The Plantin-Moretus Museum

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It is recommended so that you may enjoy the tour fully to bring your own camera and note-taking materials. Group size is limited. Experiences are meant to be social, so other travelers can join the same tour.

Visitors under 12 EUR 9.00
Card-Holders (Antwerp residents with an A-kaart) EUR 9.00
12 – 25 years of age EUR 15.00
Over 65 years of age EUR 15.00
26 – 65 years of age EUR 17.00

Why MBT charges a small fee in addition to what the museum charges

The Plantin-Moretus Museum printing offices, workshop, library and printing room have all been preserved in their original state and offer a unique insight in the living and working conditions at this thriving printing and publishing house.

Intact. Ready to roll. There they stand, the oldest printing presses in the world. The entire workshop of the world-famous printing works is still there, after 440 years, as if the working day is about to begin for the compositors, type founders, printers and proof-readers at any moment.

Some of the museum's highlights include an original Gutenberg Bible, the world's two oldest printing presses and multi-language Plantin Polyglot Bible with Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek and Syriac texts.

Where we'll meet

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Tour Guides for this museum: Guido Backeljau*
* Tour Guides are assigned by the home-office and may not always be available by request.

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