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Mighty Nations Almighty God

The Pergamon Museum – Berlin, Germany

A unique collection of artifacts from the Ancient Middle East in the Pergamon Museum in Berlin is a real treasure for every Bible student. The tour shows the connections between the historical events of the powerful nations of the past and the deeds of God.

Feast At Jehovah’s Table

Planet Earth

This tour takes a look at how food in the bible benefits us spiritually in our day. We also see how by the use of our 5 senses, Jehovah lovingly allows us to enjoy the food we eat. Finally we see how even the more important spiritual food we receive from Jehovah strengthens us in this time of the end.

In the Footsteps of Jesus

Wohl Archaeological Museum / Mount of Olives / Pools of Bethzatha - Jerusalem, Israel

Let us visit some of the major archaeological sites in Jerusalem and see how archaeology matches Bible history. Some of these discoveries shed light upon some of the important events in Jesus’ life.

Do Not Be Afraid

The Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Boston MA

In this tour, we will see evidence of how fear was put upon Jehovah’s people, and what Jehovah provided to counteract their being afraid.

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