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Bible Tours for Children and Teens

Are you a parent looking for a fun online field trip for your child? Do you want to take your child on an online tour but you are worried they will not pay attention? Museum Bible Tours has crafted two Bible Tours that are perfect for children and teenagers. The […]

Return to In-Person Tours!

Museum Bible Tours in late 2016 began arranging Bible Tours at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. We quickly began expanding to museums across the United States and Europe and enjoyed our time with the many brothers and sisters who attended. While the pandemic created a challenge for us […]

Best Bible Tours – A New Launch!

Want to learn more? BBT has its own website and reserving tours is a very easy process. Visit our website and follow us on Instagram for the latest updates! We hope to see you soon! Let us know, which languages would you like to see tours offered in?

Uninterested in Bible Tours? Let ours change your mind!

Museum tours, even online tours, can be thought of as an intellectual deep dive for those interested in history. Do you feel this way about online museum tours? However, online Bible tours give the unique opportunity to see history through the lens of Bible prophecy or by looking at creation […]

NEW! Tours you can take – whenever you want!

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What is a Self-Guided Tour? A Self-Guided Tour or “SGT” is a new type of digital tour that will encompass the advantages of live tours and virtual tours. It will provide an entirely unique tour experience! Additionally, an SGT can be booked according to your schedule! While we cannot provide […]

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