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Donation-Based Tour Experiences From Around the World

Experiences provided by one of our excellent tour guides in Australia. Last night I joined a breakout room after the tour. In the group was a family of 6 from Papua New Guinea. The brothers from Papua New Guinea are generally shy, but very happy. This family consisted of Dad, […]

Bible Tours for Children and Teens

Are you a parent looking for a fun online field trip for your child? Do you want to take your child on an online tour but you are worried they will not pay attention? Museum Bible Tours has crafted two Bible Tours that are perfect for children and teenagers. The […]

Return to In-Person Tours!

Museum Bible Tours in late 2016 began arranging Bible Tours at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. We quickly began expanding to museums across the United States and Europe and enjoyed our time with the many brothers and sisters who attended. While the pandemic created a challenge for us […]

Uninterested in Bible Tours? Let ours change your mind!

Museum tours, even online tours, can be thought of as an intellectual deep dive for those interested in history. Do you feel this way about online museum tours? “I’m not really interested in history so tours don’t appeal to me.” “I am sure the information is great but history bores […]

NEW! Tours you can take - whenever you want!

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Would you like to take a Bible Tour but your schedule doesn’t allow for it? Do you enjoy learning at your own pace and being able to dive deep into information that interests you? Would you prefer to take a tour without being on Zoom or watching a recording? Museum […]

Museum Bible Tours