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Hezekiah’s Tunnel

Construction of the landmark Hezekiah’s Tunnel was done under the City of David in Jerusalem some 2,700 years ago and was truly an amazing feat of engineering. Think of it— two teams of men with only pickaxes at opposite ends cut a subterranean path through 1,750 feet of solid bedrock […]

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A Time Enduring Symbol

While waiting in the lobby of a nearby hospital, something catches your eye. In front of you, doctors pass back and forth and you can see on their white coats a familiar symbol. In fact, the symbol is everywhere in the hospital, even within its logo. Have you ever pondered […]

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Visit Jehovah’s Private Museum

The universe can be described as Jehovah’s private museum. Humans can only try to imitate Jehovah’s creation so why not study the grand creator! The Great Creator takes you on a tour of our night sky from the things seen to the things unseen. Modern technology has progressed to the […]

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A Virtual Tour that Introduces The Sovereign Lord Jehovah

To lovers of truth, it’s important to know who the Sovereign Lord Is and why Jehovah is rightly called ’The Sovereign Lord’. By a focused journey through history, we can best examine how Jehovah proves his divine right as Sovereign through his prophecies, his power, and how he protects his people.

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