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News articles mention “fakes” at the Museum of the Bible

While Museum Bible Tours (MBT) is grateful for the opportunity that we have in working with museums throughout the world, we are not affiliates of any of these organizations and as such do not confirm the authenticity of any museum artifacts. Artifacts that are original or replicas provide a visual reference that can help us “see” the Bible live. The source material for our tours is the Bible and the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society publications. Our primary objective is to provide tours that motivate others to increase their Bible reading and study!

Regarding the news articles concerning “fakes” at the Museum of the Bible (MOTB), as MBT representatives, we are not MOTB staff and therefore cannot comment on the museum artifacts and we have noticed that many museum items are marked “facsimile”. We are happy to say that our tour champions the efforts of those who had the courage of preserving God’s Word and it is our hope that our brothers and sisters will be motivated and encouraged by the wealth of information related to this whether the artifacts we reference are noted by the Museum as originals, replicas or facsimiles.

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