Virtual Museum Bible Tours

Welcome to our list of virtual Bible history tours! This list will continue to grow as more tour outlines are developed. All of our virtual Bible history tours are developed by our Tour Guides and are exclusive to Museum Bible Tours! Each tour lasts a little over an hour or more and costs $10 per device (non-refundable, but transferable). Each tour herein contains a list of frequently asked questions that you can review before reserving your tour. We look forward to having you on tour soon!


I paid for a virtual tour - where is my tour ID & password?

Your tour ID and password will be emailed to you a day or two before your scheduled tour. Please check your spam or junk folder in your email application in case you don't see it in your regular email folder. We get many emails asking for this information. Please thoroughly check all of your email folders first to determine if you have or have not received your ID and password. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

HELP! I didn't get my tour ID and password for today/tomorrow!

Oh no! Sometimes these things happen. If your tour is today or tomorrow, please click here so that we can help you immediately.

If your tour is today or tomorrow, we will get back to you immediately. If your tour is a few days from now (or more), please see the question above for an explanation. Thanks!

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