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“Why MBT charges a small fee in addition to what the museum charges!”

MBT charges a small fee in addition to what the museum charges (including free museums.) Why is this?

MBT operates as a non-profit organization that provides Bible-based guided tours in world-class museums throughout the world. Additionally, MBT is operated by Jehovah’s Witnesses for the benefit of all persons interested in building their appreciation for Bible truth.

Obviously, expenses are involved in providing such high-quality Bible tours. For example, it is necessary for MBT to operate an office staff and maintain an online service. Thus, MBT charges $6 p/p in addition to the required fees at the museums where we conduct tours. MBT also charges a fee of $6 p/p at free museums.

Obviously, the fee we charge doesn’t cover everything being done by MBT and its volunteer guides. Many hours and much effort is spent willingly and generously to accomplish what the small fee we charge could never fully cover.

What is MBT’s objective? To encourage and strengthen all of those who take our high-quality Bible-based tours! We at MBT are seeing this very thing being accomplished!

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