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“If I need to cancel my tour reservation, what can I do?”

We recommend that you transfer your reservation to another date when you can come for the tour. Please send an email to the MBT Office explaining your situation and the office will do its best to accommodate your request. Please include the following information: Your full name and the date and time of your original reservation, and the date and time you would like the reservation to be transferred to.

Do we give refunds? Three (3) primary reasons for MBT's 'No Refund' policy. 1) The moment a reservation is made and confirmed with a payment MBT Agents and Managers go to work to support, organize and firmly schedule your tour. Often non-refundable museum admission fees are paid in advance. 2) Your funds can be transferred to another date. 3) Often non-refundable museum admission fees are paid in advance.

Therefore our policy is no refunds but we do take into account extenuating circumstances – so if a refund is absolutely necessary please email the office with details as to why.

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