Museum Bible Tours of the World
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“Locations listed by MBT where Bible tours are given!”

Locations listed by MBT where Bible tours are conduced for the benefit of Jehovah's Witnesses, their family and friends.

Not all tours at locations and museums listed and mentioned by MBT  are conducted by MBT personnel and/or guides. Some are sponsored and conducted by vendors that MBT (along with BCT)  is comfortable including.

This list is a work in progress so please check back often from possible updates.

Tours conducted by MBT and are now taking reservations.

Tours conducted by JW tour providers. Reservations taken on vendors website.

  • British Museum London by ''
  • Louve Museum Paris by ‘The Quirky Little Tour Company’
  • Tours at the Areopagus and Ancient Market of Athens by 'JW Athens Bible Tours'

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