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Written 1 year ago by: Kaitlin Conner

Do you wonder how you can better enjoy your virtual tour? Read these top 5 tips to enjoy your next tour to the fullest.

Tip #1: Prepare for your Virtual Tour

Museum Bible Tours send the Zoom ID and Password by at least twice before the tour date. Make sure you have one of the two emails easily available the day of. This way you can quickly log in and enjoy any pre-program presentation. In addition, many find that taking notes helps them to pay attention and learn more. If you decide to take notes, make sure you have all your materials ready to go. Finally, find a comfortable place in your home to enjoy the program with your viewing device or remote close by.

Tip #2: Attend your Virtual Tour with Family or Friends

Tours are even more fun when they are shared with family or friends. Since COVID-19, opportunities to have fun with loved ones are not at readily available. What better way is there to experience upbuilding entertainment than to do it with those that you love. You can even enjoy them with friends across the country and even the world! Private tours are also available upon request for those who would like to organize a group of 15 or more devices.

NOTE: The Zoom ID and password should NOT be shared with those who did not pay for the experience.

The tour was a fun thing to do with our family and friends. We had a group chat going during the tour that allowed us to interact. Thank you for hosting!

Guest of “The Splendors of Jehovah’s Creation”

Tip #3: Participate

Our tours are written to be as interactive as possible. Whether that includes questions, polls, games or quotations to read by the audience, we want you to participate! Set up your viewing device so you are ready throughout the tour to interact. This will ensure you not only learn, but have fun!

The group was small and very engaging. I enjoyed the small group because everyone was able to participate and share without anyone dominating time.

Guest of the tour “Run with Endurance”

Tip #4: Join the Breakout Room After

Many of our tours employ the use of breakout rooms after the tour so that all our guests can get to know each other. Would you like to meet friends from around the world? Join in after the tour!

The experience was wonderful. I have done several other tours and I love that the breakout rooms are being used and we can be encouraged by our brothers from all over.

Guest of Multiple tours

Tip #5: Ask Questions

Museum Bible Tours uses Tour Guides from all around the world so take advantage of their unique insight by asking the questions you thought of during the tour. There are many hidden gems that often cannot be shared during a tour due to time constraints, ask if your tour guide knows any additional information. In addition, tour guides want to get to know you! Share your own experiences with them and fellow guests. If you liked the tour, let us know why! All this will contribute to the tour not only being enjoyable but being a memorable experience.

Why do I enjoy meeting guests after the tour? I have met brothers and sisters from all over the world. These friends have shared with me how much they love Jehovah and their experiences including how they came into the truth, field service experiences, how Jehovah has blessed them and much, much more!

Timothy Martin

Tour Guide

What helps you enjoy your virtual tour to the fullest? Leave us a comment down below!

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