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Written 1 year ago by: Kaitlin Conner

Museum Bible Tours continues to grow and with that, the opportunity to learn something new! Here is an insight into the three newest additions to the MBT roster.

The Amazon Rainforest: Reality Beyond Myth

Tours are not limited to artifacts displayed in a museum. Our earth, and even our universe, can be compared to a personal showcase of Jehovah’s creation. A perfect example is the diverse and lush environment of the Amazon Rainforest. You will get to get a close-up look at the most bio-diverse area on the planet. With so many living species from plants to animals, how do they all co-exist without competing for resources? How do humans interfere with this ecosystem? What qualities of Jehovah are on display throughout the rainforest?

No doubt, after seeing this tour you will look at the creation around you with new appreciation!

Children – Jehovah Always Wins!

Jehovah is the ultimate power in the universe – the Sovereign Lord, but throughout history, people have hated him, tried to fight against him, or even said he does not exist. One of those people was the Pharaoh mentioned in the book of Exodus. Experience the events of the ten plagues through the eyes of the Israelites by exploring artifacts in the Museum of Fine Arts Houston. Children will watch an exciting battle of the gods! Jehovah proves he will win; every time.

Written for children ages 5-12 yet fun for all, guests are invited to dress as Israelites. Read one parent’s experience

“Excellent presentation for the young ones! Very captivating for both my teenager and my 9-year-old. Both boys loved it so much that we signed up again! Thank you, MBT for bringing this sensational, biblical representation into our homes.”

Arch of Titus

A new and improved revision of the tour “Rome in Bible History”, the tour Arch of Titus is a deep exploration of that famous monument in Rome. Both an insight into the history and a magnificent work of art there is much to be learned from it.

Questions that will be answered on tour:

  • Who built the Arch, when, and why?
  • Why was the Flavian dynasty important?
  • How do historical events regarding the destruction of Jerusalem prove that Jesus was a true prophet?
  • Why can we say that what happened to Jerusalem in 70 C.E. was “great tribulation” such as had not occurred before nor has happened since?

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