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Who is Like the Sovereign Lord?

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Tour Description:

In this tour, you will learn why the answer to the question “Who is Like the Sovereign Lord?” is important. We will travel through history to examine how Jehovah proves his divine right as Sovereign through his prophecies, his power, and how he protects his people. By the end of this tour, your faith will be strengthened as you confidently say – no one is like our Sovereign Lord!

Tour Highlights:

  • How did Jehovah humiliate the gods of Egypt?
  • In what ways has Jehovah used his power to protect his people throughout history?
  • What attitudes and influences did the first century Christians have to contend with and how did Jehovah care for his people’s spiritual needs?

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Location: Museum of Fine Arts - Houston, TX
Duration: 1.5 hours

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Who is Like the Sovereign Lord?

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