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For the Word of God is Alive and Exerts Power

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Tour Description:

This tour will benefit everyone using the beautiful works of art and artifacts from the Norton Simon collection to highlight exciting stories and people from the Bible. The tour material emphasizes the details involved in these stories and the lessons that we all can learn by reviewing them. Using the exhibits, your tour guide will seek to highlight the scriptural theme found at Heb. 4:12, helping you to understand Bible accounts better, and aid in remembering these accounts as well. Included in this tour are interesting facts involving the prophet Elisha, incredible facts about the battle between David & Goliath, the backstory of the Apostle Peter’s daring escape from prison, and much more. In each case, we will explore just what these Bible characters experienced in their lives, how Jehovah came through on their behalf, and how their confidence in God’s Word was enhanced.

About the museum/location::

The Norton Simon Museum is known around the world as one of the most remarkable private art collections ever assembled. Over a thirty-year period industrialist Norton Simon (1907–1993) amassed an astonishing collection of European art from the Renaissance to the 20th century and a stellar collection of South and Southeast Asian art spanning 2,000 years. Approximately 1,000 works from the permanent collection of 12,000 objects are on view in the Norton Simon Museum’s galleries and sculpture garden throughout the year.

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Tour Location: The Norton Simon Museum - Pasadena, CA
Duration: 1.5 hours

Tour Dates

  • June 11, 2022 3:00 pm (PST) 3pm - Los Angeles / 5pm - Houston / 6pm - New York / 23:00 - London / 8am (next day) - Sydney Australia .

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For the Word of God is Alive and Exerts Power

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