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Courageous Guardians of the Sword

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Tour Description:

The Bible is the most widely published book in history. Throughout history, many developed such a deep love for the Bible that they risked their lives to preserve it against all odds. Follow this extraordinary story of survival through those who displayed endurance, faith, and courage to protect the precious Word of God. Join us as we champion some of these Courageous Guardians of the Sword.

About the Museum/Location:

The Museum of the Bible opened in 2017 and is based in Washington, D.C., USA. It has been described as one of the most technologically advanced and engaging museums in the world. Dedicated solely to the Bible, this exhibition showcases artifacts spanning nearly 4,000 years. It is so extensive that it would take at least nine 8-hour days to see the entire collection of antiquities.

Reviews from our guests:

3.5 out of 5 stars (based on 2 reviews)

Courageous Guardians of the Sword!

Rated 2 out of 5
March 11, 2022

Thank you for this visual banquet highlighting the preciousness of the Sword / God’s Word the Bible and the many sacrifices others made to further extend the Truth about our God Jehovah so that others could enter into a treasured relationship for which so many hearts yearn. Trisha G really made the tour come alive. Thank you. I look forward to watching many more.

Annette Atwood

What can be more precious than God’s Word

Rated 5 out of 5
February 9, 2022

The Museum of the Bible is an amazing setting that brought everything the tour guide was saying to life! Tricia explained so keenly and clearly about all the different manuscripts and languages, that the years of scholarly works just opened the door to what our God has been doing over ages of time. Sharing with the worldwide family was a great way to have our love for the Holy Scriptures set alight and our awe of our God aroused. Thank you!

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Tour Location: Museum of the Bible - Washington, D.C.
Duration: 1.75 hours

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Courageous Guardians of the Sword

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