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  1. 1914 – The Year That Changed The World
  2. Alexander - Mighty King
  3. Arch of Titus
  4. Children – Jehovah Always Wins!
  5. City of David
  6. Codex Sinaiticus - A Jewel In The Wilderness
  7. Courageous Guardians of the Sword
  8. Feast At Jehovah’s Table
  9. For the Word of God is Alive and Exerts Power
  10. French Revolution: A Foregleam of Things to Come
  11. In the Footsteps of Jesus
  12. King James Bible – Kings, Queens, and Plots
  13. Louvre - The History of Religion in 10 Objects
  14. Mighty Nations Almighty God
  15. Purple Triangles
  16. Seven Kings: The First King, Egypt
  17. The Amazon Rainforest: Reality Beyond Myth
  18. The Grand Creator
  19. The Mighty Bear, A Two-Horned Ram
  20. The Rise of The King of The North
  21. The Splendors of Jehovah’s Creation
  22. The Wheat and the Weeds
  23. Theocratic History Tour: Out of Darkness
  24. Volcanoes of Ecuador: Touch the Sky
  25. Who is Like the Sovereign Lord?
  26. Your Word Is Truth
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