Museum Bible Tours Chicago

An Introduction to Your Guides

All of our tour guides are Jehovah's Witnesses with many years of experience in the truth.  Additionally, our guides serve in many capacities of service in the congregation and organization.  Furthermore, our guides are throughly trained to conduct these Bible tours.  Please become familiar with your guide by viewing his photograph and reading his profile below:

Photo Tour Guide Museum Description
Bill Rolfes The Oriental Institute I love history, I love prophecies, and connecting the dots. To see Jehovah's hand at work is a wonderful thing! I love people and enjoy sharing enlightening information with them.
Robert Phifer The Oriental Institute My Mother introduce me to the truth when I was 2 years old and eventually I dedicated my life to Jehovah and 1973 and I started serving as an elder in 1999 and I have been married since 1983. I appreciate sharing the historical accuracy of the Bible on the minds and hearts of our brothers and sisters while using visual and genuine Museum artifacts as an aid to do so!
Amber Richardson The Oriental Institute I love biblical history and teaching others about Jehovah. It's exciting to see how history connects directly with bible prophecy and how it all ties in with the future.
Bruce Martin The Oriental Institute I want to be your tour guide. I love people and I love history and I love connecting the dots between artifacts and Bible history and prophecy.
Cathy Martin The Oriental Institute I currently serve as a regular pioneer at the East Harvey Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Harvey, IL. I have been married for 24 years. My love for Jehovah and people has kept me on this journey as a regular pioneer for 20 years. I continually find joy in discovering theocratic history and sharing that information with all who want to learn more about our Creator and discovering the role humans play in the fulfillment of Bible Prophecy.
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