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The Chicago Museum Bible Tours is very pleased to offer a comprehensive Bible tour!

The Chicago Museum serves as an archaeology museum and has in its collection artifacts from Egypt, Israel, Syria, Turkey, Iraq, and Iran.

Having so many artifacts from various Bible lands available for you to see you will no doubt throughly enjoy your Bible tour of the Chicago Museum!

Whether you are just visiting or you are a local pondering how to spend a day in Chicago, Museum Bible Tours, a subsidiary of Bethel Coach Tours has you covered.

Now MBT  is offering guided Bible tours at the Oriental Institute Museum!*  The museum was established in 1919 and it serves as an archaeology museum and has in its collection artifacts from Mesopotamia, Egypt, Khorsabad, Assyria, and Persia.

*PLEASE NOTE: The University of Chicago and the Oriental Institute Museum are NOT in any way affiliated with, or endorses, MBT or its services.  MBT only provides guided tours through the Oriental Institute Museum facility.

Current Chicago Museum Bible Tours:

the Oriental Institute Museum [MBT is NOT affiliated with the museum]

"The God of Reliable Prophecy"

This tour will answer the following questions: What is prophecy? How had Jehovah God proven superior to the gods of the ancient nations through prophecy? What prophecies were fulfilled in connection with the patriarch Abraham? How was Jesus involved in Bible prophecy? What significant prophecies have been fulfilled throughout Bible history? What prophecy of Jehovah was the most significant of them […]

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