Museum Bible Tours Boston

Boston Museum Bible Tours – FAQ's

“How long does the tour last?”

The tour will last about 1.5 hours. Please arrive at least 30 minutes before your scheduled tour time. This will allow enough time for you and those in your group (and other groups) to meet the tour guide, handle payment verification, and start on time.

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“Where is the museum located?”

465 Huntington Ave,
Boston, MA 02115, USA

How to get there

Please go to the Linde Family Wing Entrance for groups on museum road. Do not go to the main entrance! You can meet your tour guide there. He/she will be wearing a yellow lanyard badge holder that says, “Museum Bible Tours”.

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“Where can I park?”

Visitors to the MFA have three self-parking options: the Huntington Lot, the Fenway Lot, and the Museum Road Garage, all of which have entrances on Museum Road. The Huntington lot offers closer parking to the Huntington Avenue Entrance and the Fenway parking lot is more accessible to the State Street Corporation Fenway Entrance.

All parking facilities have handicap spaces.

Please take your parking ticket with you; all parking facilities are automated. Payment for parking may be made in the garage lobby, or by credit or debit card at the exit lanes of the lots. Scan your membership card to receive the discounted rate.

For additional information, please call the garage at 617-369-3657.

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