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Written 7 months ago by: Kaitlin Conner

Are you a parent looking for a fun online field trip for your child? Do you want to take your child on an online tour but you are worried they will not pay attention? Museum Bible Tours has crafted two Bible Tours that are perfect for children and teenagers.

The Grand Creator

Format: Self-Guided
Ages: All ages
Worksheet(s) Available: Yes

  • ages 5-9
  • ages 10-13

Length: 1 Hour (can vary based on user experience)
Date: Anytime, anywhere!

The Grand Creator is an amazing experience for persons of all ages; however, it is one children and teenagers can especially learn from. The tour is a series of videos divided by into chapters (or sections) that users can select from. The Self-Guided format allows viewers to learn at their own pace and in the order of what interests them. The engaging graphics and videos will have the viewers eyes glued to the screen! Viewers will learn;

  • Why did Jehovah use questions about his creation to adjust Job’s thinking?
  • What can we learn from the Earth and its position in the solar system?
  • Entropy – What is it? Why there is no need to fear it?
  • What is light pollution?

To follow along, two worksheets have been provided that help children and teenagers to follow along. 

  • The worksheet ages 5-9 helps younger children to focus in on the simpler concepts of the tour 
  • The worksheet ages 10-13 helps more mature children to early teenagers pay attention and think more deeply on what they are learning. In addition they have a fun crossword puzzle they can complete using the provided glossary.

Children – Jehovah Always Wins!

Format: Virtual
Ages: 5-12
Worksheet(s) Available: Yes

Length: 1 Hour
Date: Varies, private tours available upon request

Children – Jehovah Always Wins! is a highly interactive virtual tour. On this tour, children are encouraged to immerse themselves in the Exodus account as they watch Jehovah prove he is more powerful than all the gods of Egypt. They will learn;

  • The definition of the word sovereignty
  • The religious beliefs of the Egyptians
  • How each plague would have affected the Egyptians  
  • How Jehovah protected the Israelites

To follow along, a worksheet is provided that helps them pay attention at each step throughout the tour. All are encouraged to participate through answering questions and polls as well as reading certain portions of text on the screen.

Children have also enjoyed dressing up as Israelites for the tour and sharing personal experiences about how they have relied on Jehovah. Whether you are young or young at heart you can enjoy a Bible tour! Sign up today.

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