A Virtual Tour that Introduces The Sovereign Lord Jehovah

Written 1 year ago by: Rocky D Scrimshire

To lovers of truth, it’s important to know who the Sovereign Lord Is and why Jehovah is rightly called ’The Sovereign Lord’. By a focused journey through history, we can best examine how Jehovah proves his divine right as Sovereign through his prophecies, his power, and how he protects his people. Obviously, the most trustworthy source for such a historical tour is through the pages of the Bible.

However many wonderful Museums like the Houston Museum of Fine Art can often guide and direct us through historical artifacts to correctly identify who is the Sovereign Lord.

Recognizing that fact a group of Jehovah’s Witness who actually conducted physical tours, pre-covid, have produced a truly faith-strengthening virtual museum bible tour using many of the artifacts found in the Houston Museum Of Fine Art that are pertinent to the theme of Jehovah’s Sovereignty. That tour has been added to a large catalog of tours produced, conducted, and serviced by Museum Bible Tours. You are welcome to join the tour to fortify your sure belief that Jehovah is Sovereign. By the end of this tour, your faith will be strengthened as you confidently say – no one is like our Sovereign Lord!

To properly understand the issue of Sovereignty one must answer the following Questions:

  • How did Jehovah humiliate the gods of Egypt?
  • In what ways has Jehovah used his power to protect his people throughout history?
  • What attitudes and influences did the first century Christians have to contend with and how did Jehovah care for his people’s spiritual needs?

This video clip emphasizes how encouraging it is that during these trying times that by means of a virtual tour we can focus our attention on the Sovereign Lord Jehovah. We hope you can join us. No doubt if you can attend a Virtual Museum Bible Tour you will agree with the comments received from those who have already attended and with this youtube video titled ‘Motivating Bible Tours’.

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