A Time Enduring Symbol

Written 1 year ago by: Kaitlin Conner

While waiting in the lobby of a nearby hospital, something catches your eye. In front of you, doctors pass back and forth and you can see on their white coats a familiar symbol. In fact, the symbol is everywhere in the hospital, even within its logo. Have you ever pondered its origins?

The Rod of Asclepius

This symbol is not limited to hospitals, in fact as it is symbolic for health you can even see it in the logo for the United Nation’s World Health Organization

The imagery is simply that of a rod with a snake wrapped around it. An avid Bible reader will likely remember the account at Numbers 21:4-9. In a time where the Israelites were once again showing a rebellious spirit towards Jehovah, they were punished by an affliction of poisonous servants. Jehovah provided pole with the image of a serpent made of copper and after being bitten, the Israelites could gaze at to be kept alive. This symbol of a serpent wrapped around a pole has lasted over 3,000 years and is still associated with healing.

Yet, this symbol is not credited to the Bible, but rather the Greek god Asclepius

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