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The Archaeological Museum in Zagreb is an museum with over 450,000 varied artifacts and monuments

Croatia - a country with a thousand year old history

"The Stones Would Cry Out" tour has been painstakingly researched using the Bible, publications of the faithful and discreet slave, and reputable secular sources

The Museum of the Bible (Washington, DC) Has Authorized MBT to Give Bible Tours Once More!

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As you may or may not be aware, The Museum of the Bible recently stated they were not going to allow third-parties to offer guided tours of the museum - a decision which of course, affected MBT in a large way; having to close all of our tours of the museum. However, we're delighted to inform our visitors that these tours are available once again with the Museum of the Bible giving us permission to do so!

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Croatia is a land of many wonders - layers upon layers of history, extraordinary natural beauty and hundreds of breathtaking attractions. The Bible records the first Christians' journeys to "Dalmatia" and "Illyricum" a part of present-day Croatia (2. Timothy 4:10; Romans 15:19).

Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, lies on the crossroads of important routes between the Adriatic coast and Central Europe. The streets, monuments and numerous museums of Zagreb proudly testify to its thousands of years of history.

Located in the very heart of the city, the Archaeological Museum in Zagreb is an museum with over 450,000 varied artifacts and monuments, gathered from various sources but mostly from Croatia. The museum was founded in 1846.

The Egyptian collection is the only one of its kind in the south east part of Europe. The numismatic collection is one of the biggest and most important in Europe and indeed in the world.

The Museum is now home to the Bible based tour 'The Stones Would Cry Out'.

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