Museum Bible Tours Washington, DC

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'Fearless Guardians of the Sword!'

Museum Bible Tours is very excited to announce that starting in January 2018 it will start conducting guided Bible tours at the Museum of the Bible in Washington, D.C.!

By making a reservation for this tour you will be able to discover the Bible's miraculous story of survival.  Tour includes an exciting ride attraction showing all the locations around DC where the Bible is referenced. In addition, outside of Israel, it's one of the few places where ones can get a taste of the lands that Jesus walked, such as Nazareth and Galilee, as well as see a recreation of a Jewish synagogue.

While the museum is designed to facilitate self-guided tours, Museum Bible Tours will arrange to have highly qualified tour guides take you through the museum, making it possible for you to experience an in-depth tour using the Holy Scriptures as the basis for instruction and faith-strengthening encouragement!