Museum Bible Tours Los Angeles

Tour: “The One Who Caused the Plagues of Egypt”

Museum: The Vincent Price Art Museum

This tour is available by request.

Dates: You will be able to select your date during the reservation process.


Utilizing a new exhibition at the Vincent Price Art Museum ‐ drawn from LACMA’s permanent collection ‐ receive an introduction to Egyptian art featuring coffins, a mummy, and mummy masks, along with objects from tombs that provide insight into Egyptian funerary practice. Depictions of animals illustrate popular beliefs and religious practices, and royal statuary represents rulers and activities of the court. Other objects in the exhibition demonstrate the wide range of materials the ancient Egyptians used in their craft and artistic production, and the sophisticated techniques they perfected. The exhibition also includes two artworks from the collection of the Vincent Price Art Museum.

The Bible tour will utilize these artifacts to expound upon the fact that Jehovah proved that he was superior to Egypts false gods when he brought the Ten Plagues upon Egypt and their king. “Who among the gods is like you, O Jehovah?”, Moses led the Israelites in song. These words were in fact, more an affirmation rather than a question (Exodus 15:11). And indeed, the Israelites would thereafter remember that their God, “the true God,” is unique – He is “one Jehovah.” (Deuteronomy 4:35, 39).

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