Museum Bible Tours Los Angeles

Tour: “Run with Endurance”

Museum: The Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes (Does not include check-in, etc.)

Dates: You will be able to select your date during the reservation process.

Pricing: *
Adult: $24.00 Senior Citizen: $20.00 Student: $20.00 Child: $6.00 Member: $6.00


This tour will highlight the fact that despite Satan the Devil's all-out efforts to attack and destroy the faith of first-century Christians they maintained their endurance and integrity. How? And what lessons can we learn from them?  In addition, in what particular ways did Jehovah, Jesus, the Apostle Paul and Job display outstanding endurance?  You will learn the answers to these questions and more as you tour the Greek and Roman galleries at LACMA!

You will no doubt be upbuilt and encouraged by the answers you will receive on the tour. To help you prepare we recommend that you look up the following subjects in the Bible study aid, Insight on the Scriptures, published by Jehovah's Witnesses: Greece, Greeks it-1, 998; Greek it-1 1006; Roman it-2 822; Endurance it-1 724;  Integrity it-1 1209.

What you will experience:

Qualified guides will tour you through the museum and highlight artifacts in the Roman and Greek and European Painting galleries and connect them to the Bible theme "Run with Endurance." You will learn among other things, about how Bible history harmonizes with secular history.  Furthermore, you will learn about historical persons in connection with the Bible. High-quality artwork of Bible persons, places, and historical individuals will be used throughout the tour to enhance your experience. The tour will be interactive with thought-provoking questions being posed by your guide throughout the tour.

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