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LA: Movie Stars and Disney Land

Los Angeles is well known for its movie stars, mild weather, amusement parks and famous shopping destinations.  But it may surprise you to know that Los Angeles also has one the best art museums on the west coast!

Los Angeles County Museum of Art:

Included in the LACMA collection are items that serious Bible students would find relevant and interesting.  Since January 2017 Museum Bible Tours, a subsidiary of Bethel Coach Tourshas been conducting Bible tours at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.   The tour 'Run with Endurance' features artifacts from LACMA.    You will no doubt enjoy this spiritually upbuilding journey through the pages of the Bible!

Click here for details and to reserve your tour of 'Run with Endurance'

Vincent Price Art Museum:

The first song recorded in the Bible was that sung by Moses and the men of Israel, to which Miriam and the women responded, upon their deliverance at the Red Sea. Moses led them in singing: “Who among the gods is like you, O Jehovah?”​ (Exodus 15:11). Jehovah showed that he was superior to these false gods when he brought the Ten Plagues. The Israelites were to remember that their God, “the true God,” is unique. He is “one Jehovah.”​ (Deuteronomy 4:35, 39). The new tour, The One Who Caused the Plagues of Egypt at the Vincent Price Art Museum explores this theme in detail using Egyptian artifacts from the Los Angeles County Museum of Art collection, which are temporarily on display there. Click here to learn more!.

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