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Tour: “City of David and Jerusalem Archaeological Park Tour”

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DATE(S):  April 2, 1018 / April 6, 2018 / April 8, 2018
ABOUT: Walking Bible tour in the City of David and Temple Mount. Tour takes you through the City of David excavations (the biblical Zion). You will see the remains of towers, walls and palaces from the period of the Judean kings and underground water system. You will visit archaeological finds and displays from the First and Second Temple periods and walk on the streets and staircases of Jesus’ Jerusalem.
DURATION:  8-9 Hours
STARTING POINT: The City of David- Visitors Center
Note: In order to reach the City of David by foot, exit the Old City via the Dung Gate. Turn left and shortly after (approximately 50 meters), make a right. The entrance to the City of David will be on your left hand side.
END POINT:  Dung Gate
HIGHLIGHTS: Hezekiah’s Tunnel, Warren’s Shaft, the Pool of Siloam, the Gihon Spring, the South Wall Excavations, the Robinson's Arch (the Temple’s staircase), the Herodian Street, huge stones from the Temple Mount (a remembrance of the destruction in 70 AD), the Western Wall Tunnel (optional).
Note: Please note that the tour includes walking up and down stairs. The tour includes walking through an narrow underground tunnel. Walking through King Hezekiah’s water tunnel is optional.

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